Newcomers from the Emerald Isle- “Vulpynes”


Phew originality is back.. !!! A band that is contributing to the new wave of exciting tunes and originality within the music business in 2017  is currently being delivered in part by Dublin, Ireland based band Vulpynes.  Surprised? You shouldn’t be; “This is Irish talent!” The live circuit and amount of talent from the Emerald Isle has always been a source for guaranteed entertainment. The Vulpynes are no exception to those facts.

Kaz and Maeve of Vulpynes. Photo Used By Kind Permission. 2017

The crafted two piece, which consist of ultra range singer Maeve Mc Kernan and charismatic drummer Kaz Millar  , has hit the ground running on the continent of Europe with their debut single “Silica”.

The duo who recently inked an artist friendly deal with Crownn Records will test the waters on December 16th in Berlin, Germany at the Musikbrauerei  opening for Colombia’s finest “The Stranges”

“After a successful 18 months of playing across Ireland and the UK, signing with Crownn feels like the best foot forward for us. We are excited by the prospect of reaching wider audiences and thrilled to have a fantastic support network in place to help make it happen!”- Maeve

Thankfully the resurgence of physical records being produced is being complimented by real bands that not only play live but create original tunes.

*** There is a lot more to come from the Vulpynes.. Stay Tuned.

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