“One year after setting sail”

How, When, Where and Why Not

The strange thing of it is, two years ago if someone would have told me I would be sitting in Pristina, Kosovo starting a blog to coincide with the social proof of our magazine- The Worthwhile Journal- I would have laughed. But with separating the good and bad from this “Brave New World” of ours it was inevitable.

On this site, I am going to display a journey that my partners and I, who started The Worthwhile Journal Magazine- not blog-, get our subject matters and inspirations from. We thought it would be worthy to share the experience from around the world and more importantly how we are doing it.

If I learned anything from my experience within the Balkan Countries was,  sharing makes people happy.

It started a little over a year ago on a restless night in my apartment in Los Angeles, California when I was looking out at the Hollywood sign thinking there was more to life than the helicopters that was flying nearly parallel to my floor and the abundance of mixed cultures that didn’t have a clue about life outside of America. In writing the aforementioned I thought the same could be said about my lifelong experience living in Europe. Either way I couldn’t win nor settle my thoughts of what I had experience over the years and to be more frank the magazine just wasn’t enough.

The Thought Process- "Evaluating the differences!"- Pristina, Kosovo
The Thought Process- “Evaluating the differences!”- Pristina, Kosovo-June 2014

Work colleagues and friends (from Asia to Europe) thought I was ungrateful for the life I lived, being able to share my time in Europe for the most part and having access to America. But how could I sleep in comfort knowing there was so much more to see in the world rather than sitting with more comfort than most and not sharing the experience with those “who just couldn’t relate”. —

Hopefully this helps a little for those who want to know as well as share that experience of “How, When, Where and Why Not!” . Put on a pot of coffee this will be good.




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