This page covers new artist with record releases that deserve a proper review that coincides with their ongoing promotion as well as the established artist that we feel shares a different view of their status. Our sources and statements are cited within the text that is published based on the professionalism of the artist(s).

In an ideal world, we would love to review all material that is submitted to WJ on a weekly basis but our agenda is exploiting the artist that puts in the work without depending on instant gratification or selfie entitlements. In order to uphold those standards, we require an artist that has a professional structure, a proper release format with the intention to secure live shows.

The bold blocks representing the amazing children of Pristina. The “Newborn”. Photo Copyright Jerome Fitts.2014

Why? Everyone can release a record or tune these days, however, we feel certain artist deserves a review (good or bad) that should help them reach their objectives while releasing their material. In other words, we listen to the music first as well as evaluate where the artist is going rather than publish a review in the over-saturated market that relies on likes and shares with no honest comments.

Your comments are welcomed.


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