Immediate Press Release.. Introducing “The Stranges” to Europe

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   Jerome Fitts

Finally! A band that has created their own sound by taking their time to master their craft while developing a remarkable stage presence that has seen a revolving door within their image. This is “The Stranges”, a 4 piece Rock band from Bogota, Colombia led by Sascha on vocals, Jhonathan on guitar, Hell on bass and drummer Jose. The band are preparing to release their debut Album “Madhouse”  on June 25th, 2018 are currently planning to spread their madness for a promotional onslaught on European soil summer 2018.

Our music is  melodies complimenting rock music that the audience can sing along to!”-Sascha

That statement is verified by the magical elements that makes up the band debut album “Madhouse” which is led by the single “Madness”. After listening to “Madhouse” in its entirety, one has to wonder if its strange in 2018 that a group of artist that has obviously honed in on their craft can exemplify the joy playing music while being creative. The answer without question is; “Yes, the album is a gem and their live show is a must see!”

Without attempting to be unique in their appearance to garner more likes or followers on the now mandatory social media platforms, the band have left it up to the music industry world to catch up to them. Their beauty, class and prolific sound has complimented the well received and award winning Madhouse album.

The band accepting numerous awards at the Subterranica Awards 2017, Bogota, Colombia. Photo Used By Kind Permission. Copyright.2017 Premious Publication

The numerous South American awards received thus far has ultimately led to the inevitable, “spreading their madness”. The most notable collection of awards has been The Colombian “Subterranica” awards for “Best Rock Band, Song /Record of the Year 2017 (Madness), Video Of The Year and Best Album Cover. It has been a world-wind and busy 2017 thus far for the Colombian rock four piece.

Its safe to say their recent signing with  Crownn Records has brought value to the the live circuit international table.

The strange thing about it is; “Are we prepared for their up and coming European onslaught?”

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