JointPop- Immediate Press Release

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 Jerome Fitts

It is extremely hard to find a band that isn’t apart of the new mainstream era that is road sturdy with a welcoming sound and lyrics that all genres can relate to. Does that sound dangerous or is it just what you have been looking for?

The riveting sound that JointPop, a Trinidad /Tobago band, has is completed by a live show that the new era musicians and gig goers alike yarn for. The band consist of lead singer Gary Hector with Damon Homer on the second guitar, Jerome Girdharrie on bass, Phil Hill -keyboard/synthesizer is completed by soothing yet complimenting drummer Dion Camacho.

The band formed in 1996 and has released an astonishing 7 full length albums over its 21 year history. Due to extensive touring, the bands loyal following that was ignited from the West Indies has stretched to the heart of Europe. In 2011, the band broke the Atlantic barriers with a selection of live dates to compliment the fist full of back catalog with an extensive tour of Europe.

The culmination of Gary’s vocals and lyrics with a mixture of a reggae/pop/rock is evident in the bands selection of notable singles: 

After a much needed break from the grinding road over the last two years, the band is gearing up for yet another European jaunt in early 2018 which is to be preceded by a festival circuit tour.

JointPop complete catalog is available here: 

Website: Twitter:


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