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“Job Life” By: Roberto I. Ercolalo- Short Film Review

Written By:  Jerome Fitts For the life of me I don’t know why indie film festival award winning director Roberto I. Ercolalo started this relevant piece in Spanish without subtitles. According to the films advertisement, the following film has been selected to numerous festivals. Its your call as well as evaluate some of those festivals selection committee members. *Just saying! Within the first 45 seconds of … Continue reading “Job Life” By: Roberto I. Ercolalo- Short Film Review

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EyeCue – Immediate Press Release

 Jerome Fitts For those of you that are aware of the rich traditions that comes with Skopje, Macedonia, then you should be informed of the amazing band, Eye Cue. During the bands seven year history they have performed to over a half a million people as a main-stage act. The most notable of those festivals being the massive “Taksirat”.  The bands notoriety due to heavy … Continue reading EyeCue – Immediate Press Release

JointPop- Immediate Press Release

****IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE****  Jerome Fitts It is extremely hard to find a band that isn’t apart of the new mainstream era that is road sturdy with a welcoming sound and lyrics that all genres can relate to. Does that sound dangerous or is it just what you have been looking for? The riveting sound that JointPop, a Trinidad /Tobago band, has is completed by a live show … Continue reading JointPop- Immediate Press Release

“Lost In The Kingdom”- Single Review- KOYO

   Jerome Fitts The new single, “Lost In The Kingdom” by Leeds, England band Koyo, has certainly redefined the digital rewind button on any media player. You will find yourself listening to the track more than once. The song has the strength of discovering a third eye as one may make up their own video beginning with the opening lines of “Lost in the Kingdom of hopes and … Continue reading “Lost In The Kingdom”- Single Review- KOYO

“The Purple Stems” from The Silverbeets

By:   Jerome Fitts In a world where we try to predict the next best thing or copy the remaining sounds of the strings that were left behind from those that created it, there are somethings or songs that remains original. You just have to look for it and we found it in Tasmania, Australia in The Silverbeets. For starters in 2017, unfortunately we (the indie … Continue reading “The Purple Stems” from The Silverbeets

The Twin Cams…and their “Same Four Walls”

By:   Jerome Fitts It is true the internet has made the world turn faster while becoming closer. There is also the element of attitude to speed up the process of compliments and recognition in the world of holding a mic and singing a song then putting it online and claiming to be in a band. For the most part, its a rather disgusting situation as … Continue reading The Twin Cams…and their “Same Four Walls”

Trend- Single Review- “Just Another Friday”-

By:   Jerome Fitts New Single : ‘Just Another Friday’ Out Now! on SoundHub Records. 2017 Download from iTunes Stream on Spotify The Trend, a rock/pop quartet that consist of members, Ryan Malone, Del Greig, Johnny Carroll, Josh Carmichael, wrote in their new single “Just Another Friday” that there is a growing trend in their native city of Glasgow, Scotland. The proof in the pudding is in … Continue reading Trend- Single Review- “Just Another Friday”-