The WorthJourney is a collection of stories that the contributors of The Worthwhile Journal Magazine post as a blog. We want your feedback.

This WorthJourney is quite simple;

Integrating traditional methods of the media for “Effectuation Principles of Affordable Loss and Pilot-in-the-Plane Principles” within real stories. 

Our goal and sole purpose are to express our opinions on stories from and within remote places around the world. WE know we are travelling professionals and everyone has a travel blog, ironically enough, we endorse those as well. However, this is more or less about the outside of those tourist destinations that so many bloggers would like to post and share. Besides who needs to see another bowl of rice and a common pose- sorry but its boring.

The WorthJourney was inspired by a group of friends that had a nice cup of coffee in Berlin (2012) but asked each other the same questions;

Are we really obligated to strike a pose that so many seems to have?

Does it really matter when you are counting the currency in a country that profits from the deterioration of others?

Or should they know about the other sides?…. and so on…

Your opinion counts as it’s the rocket fuel that keeps this journey going. What else should the social media outlets be used for?

This Blog is for exploitation and shock value only. There will be no direct insults although if you are offended then you are probably guilty.


Jerome Fitts

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