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Music video Review: “Ride A Wave”

One question for Director George Wada… where did this idea come from? The video is witty, entertaining and most definitely support traditional methods of creativity. The componing parts may come across as a form of “let us put something together to keep the stick in the fire of the industry“, but the quality overlaps that theory. It is a musical adventure. Continue reading Music video Review: “Ride A Wave”

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 Jerome Fitts Clap! Clap! David Latreille for putting a twist, flavor and excitement in a video that encompasses the remarkable music by Asten Harris  yes A.K.A Apex Martin of Kayne West fame. Undoubtedly the song is killer but the rapid photos of actress Emilie Dumas should be displayed for patrons entering a nightclub anywhere. The thing of it is, this 2014  genuine piece of digital storytelling, which … Continue reading THE BOUDOIR – VIDEO SHORT REVIEW

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“The Cotillion” Short Film Review

 Jerome Fitts Robyn Whitmore of Sierra Lane Productions has attempted to bring issues in a Louisiana community that was once considered taboo yet remains in certain societies today. Independent films are normally funny, creative and sometimes thought provocative while being created on a low budget. Ms. Whitmore seems to have covered the norm while extending boundaries of various subject matters. The result or transparent review … Continue reading “The Cotillion” Short Film Review

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Bob Moses – “Battle Lines” | Album Review

 Jerome Fitts ** Also contributed to The Line Best Fit  If you are lucky enough to catch Bob Moses, the Canadian electro duo, then be prepared. Their latest album “Battle Lines” is a potent reminder of the power of the combination of hard rhythm, electronic experimentation, and hard-hitting lyrics. Just to be clear here: pound for pound and track for track, this record is a … Continue reading Bob Moses – “Battle Lines” | Album Review

“Selfie Music” – Smokin’ Mirrors and Delusional Self Entitlements

“Selfie Music” Smokin’ Mirrors and Delusional Self Entitlements    Jerome Fitts Here we are some two years later after the “Who Do Think They Are?” post and it seems that although the reaction was positive and there has been over 97K followers that read the article, the truth is, the submissions from DIY artist to the public and within the music industry has gotten worse. Sure … Continue reading “Selfie Music” – Smokin’ Mirrors and Delusional Self Entitlements

Introducing “The Eve” Short Film

The world-wide Film Festival favorite THE EVE by director Luca Machnich is a thriller. Imagine having a family tragedy and meeting up with Santa Claus. An innocent imagination while longing to escape makes up a must see summer short horror film. As of May 2016, the film has won an astonishing 78 film festival awards. CAST Valerio Santosuosso, Mary Wall, Ulf Kusdas, Maurizio Rapotec. SYNOPSIS … Continue reading Introducing “The Eve” Short Film

“Stitches”- Rodos Film Festival Fashion Video Selection

Recently Fashion Video selected for the Rodos Film Festival (2016), video Stitches was brought to our attention by acclaimed director Eunji Kim. Great work Eunji! The Fashion video awards are presented by Bofi Clothing Distributors Synopsis: How can our emotional scars and grief reflect the view we see around us when we go through a break-up? Stitches explores the fragile passage of enduring pains and … Continue reading “Stitches”- Rodos Film Festival Fashion Video Selection