Interview with Chris Warrior- Super Music Producer (Los Angeles, California- February 2013)

DJ Martini Interview_ Los Angeles, California (March 2013)

18th Annual Toyota Festival- Long Beach, California (May 2013)

With Joe “Beast” Smith and Kyss Major- Former NBA No.1 Draft Pick and Actress/Singer- Los Angeles, California (May 2013)

The WorthJourney-Balkans Trailer- Skojpe, Macedonia (June 2014)

The Worthwhile Journey Interview with STG Downbeat-Berlin, Germany (November 2014)

Heros w/Tim Rice- Sosua, Dominican Republic (December 2014)

Drug Addiction interview with Film Director Philip A. McCarthy (October 2015)

People vs. Irish Government interview with Film Director Philip A. McCarthy- Cork, Ireland (December 2015)

The Caribbean German Brown Babies- Boca Chica, Dominican Republic (March 2016)

The Missing Link (German Brown Babies) with Tim Rice- Sosua, Dominican Republic (April 2016)

The Battery and Coke- Sosua, Dominican Republic (April 2016)

Call To Action German Brown Babies- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (May 2016)

Pepe’ – Short Film Teaser April 2016